Take your audit inspection process to the next level


C-AUDIT is designed to automate and streamline the inspection process for businesses of all sizes. Developed to take the asset auditing process into the digital era, this tool eliminates the administrative work and time delays associated with paper-based inspections by making the entire process digital. Learn More


Using a web-based interface and mobile app, your inspection teams will be able to manage the entire process from project setup to reporting, resulting in the ability to focus on inspection results more quickly and conveniently than ever before.

Activity Timeline

Create a corrective action immediately if your team detects a problem. Our easy-to-use dashboard allows you to set the due date and priority level, then assign them to the team member who should address the issue.

Real-Time Visibility

Our dashboard has an intuitive, chat-style interface that looks like a messaging platform. Your entire team can capture and share observations when things don’t work right, or when somebody performs an exceptional job.

Form Conversion

Easily convert your existing PDF, Excel, or Word inspection form into a C-AUDIT template. Also, use our pre-built templates and customise them to suit your needs. Everything is drag-and-drop, no coding needed at all.


C-AUDIT takes the guesswork out of inspections by showing your team exactly what kind of answer you want. You can also add logic so only the most important questions appear. Also, enable repeated sections so inspectors can use the same set of questions as often as they need to when inspecting different assets. Learn More

Template Builder

Our user-friendly template builder allows you to customise your templates to get the information you need. You can set different response types for your template including multiple choice, text answers, checkboxes, and more.

Existing Templates

C-AUDIT has thousands of pre-built and fully customisable templates on our platform. You can make them your own by changing, adding, or removing questions in the template builder.

Public Library

You can not only use already existing templates but also add your template to our public library. In turn, you get access to hundreds of new templates designed and shared by industry experts.

Checklist Conversion

Transform your existing PDF, Excel, or Word inspection form or checklist into a fully customisable C-AUDIT template. Either smart scan your form or get in touch with us. Our experts will convert the template for you at no cost.


With C-AUDIT, you can run comprehensive inspections and convert issues into corrective actions anytime. Issues don’t appear only when an inspection is being conducted. You can always add context to actions by uploading images and notes so everyone can understand the problem. Mark how serious a problem is, specify a due date, and solve your problems quickly.Learn More

Already Created Templates

Edit the existing templates based on your inspection requirements and specify the status as Draft or Completed.


You can generate and check inspection reports, as well as run audit report analysis in a matter of minutes. C-AUDIT allows you to export audit reports in PDF format.

Mobile App & Web-based Inspections

Whatever changes you make to inspections on the web app are saved as you go. However, changes made to inspections on the C-AUDIT mobile app are only saved and synced when your device is connected to the internet.

Offline Inspections

If your device is offline or doesn't have an internet connection, any inspection progress will be stored on the device, until the device is online or has an internet connection again to be synced.


Keep updated with what’s happening in the field at all times by turning problems into actions. Every action has a visible timeline that looks like a conversation. Your team members can chat in real-time and even add images and files to keep everybody on the same page.Learn More

Create Actions

Create actions that can be easily tracked later on. You can sort by assignee, worksite, or status so you only see what matters at any given time. Identify trends in actions to find out what areas need focus, or where training could be enhanced.

Edit Actions

Edit already existing actions in real-time. You can also set action priority. New actions by default have the “Low” priority selected. However, you can update to set anew priority or have no priority at all.

Create Due Dates

Set due date and time for every action. New actions by default have the due date set to exactly 7 days from when the action is created. However, you can update to set a new due date or have no due date at all.

Check Comments

Want to provide more information for people involved in the action? Add comments and media files to the activity screen. If an action was created from an inspection question, you'll also see the context in the activity screen.


C-AUDIT is a fully customisable auditing application that allows your team to efficiently implement, manage, and schedule the inspection process in a secure cloud-based environment.Learn More

Create Scheduled Inspection

Create dynamic inspection schedules with defined objectives and scope, and allocate auditors based on skills/availability with the scheduler. Never miss an inspection as C-AUDIT sends automated notifications if a new checklist is assigned or completed.

Use Any Template

Model whatever you need to inspect using built-in or new templates. Easily build components and add inspection objects to whatever you need to capture onsite. You can also record findings, detailed observations, and recommendations as well as attach supporting evidence with the ability to audit offline.

Create Audit Scheduler

C-AUDIT is designed with ease in mind. It only takes a few clicks to create audit schedules. It will make your life simple, improve productivity, and optimise opportunities that accelerate business performance.

Share Schedule Inspections

Easily share new or customised inspection templates instantaneously with no versioning or reprint. Keep your team on top of things by scheduling and assigning recurring inspections. See instantly what has been missed over a selected duration.


Getting the right data in your team’s hands at the right time is crucial. C-AUDIT offers plenty of features and setting options to make asset auditing, inspection, and reporting a hassle-free process. You can add and manage departments, teams, shifts, and even actions across the organisation.Learn More

Add Department

You can use an already existing department or create a new one with our admin user-management panel.

Add Team

Use an already existing team or add a new one to C-AUDIT. It empowers you to collaborate with your team 24/7 from anywhere your job takes you.

Add Shift

With C-AUDIT, you can also use existing shifts or add new shifts. You can either upload a CSV list or share an invite link for bulk user upload.

Manage Department, Team, Shift, and Actions

Apart from adding a new department, team, or shift, you can also manage them from a consolidated platform. C-AUDIT also enables you to create, edit, and manage actions.


Facing issues with your C-AUDIT asset auditing tool? Our support team is availableround the clock to tackle all concerns and queries.Learn More

24/7 Assistance

We offer 24/7 email and phone support to solve any problems you may face when using C-AUDIT.You can also get in touch to learn more about C-AUDIT updates and new features.

Help Desk

Our multilingual support staff ensures no question ever goes unanswered. We also offer ample tutorials to help you set up your team, create templates, and conduct inspections.

Quick Setup

Setting up C-AUDIT is a matter of minutes. You can set it up yourself by following a step-by-step guide, or get in touch with our product experts, who’ll set it up for you.

Dedicated Account Manager

We give you a dedicated account manager responsible for your account, to whom you can call or write in case you have any questions or problems.