Prioritise corrective actions with our inspection software


Keep updated with what’s happening in the field at all times by turning problems into actions. With C-AUDIT, you can pinpoint areas for improvement at a glance. Identify issues by reviewing frequently failed items from different sites, departments, or inspections. Also, add notes, images, and assign actions to solve what needs to be solved as soon as possible.

Create Actions

Create actions that can be easily tracked later on. You can sort by assignee, worksite, or status so you only see what matters at any given time. Identify trends in actions to find out what areas need focus, or where training could be enhanced.

Edit Actions

Edit already existing actions in real-time. You can also set action priority. New actions by default have the “Low” priority selected. However, you can update to set a new priority or have no priority at all.

Create Due Dates

Set due date and time for every action. New actions by default have the due date set to exactly 7 days from when the action is created. However, you can update to set a new due date or have no due date at all.

Check Comments

Want to provide more information for people involved in the action? Add comments and media files to the activity screen. If an action was created from an inspection question, you'll also see the context in the activity screen.

Built-in Chat

Each action includes a built-in chat and activity feed, where your team members can collaborate. All with built-in timestamps so you can keep track of everyone's interaction with an action from start to finish.

Consolidated View

Get an instant view of what’s happening out there in the field with C-AUDIT asset auditing software. Filter your data by location, time, department, workers, templates and more. See the bigger picture by reviewing trends across the board, and narrow down to observe individual responses.

Data & Insights

Identify trends and patterns that you can transform into opportunities to take your business to the next level. Recognise top performers, find out important tendencies, and protect your organisation by taking preventive measures. With the C-AUDIT asset inspection platform, you can have all the data you need to get things done right.