Automatically schedule audits & inspections with just a few clicks


C-AUDIT is a fully customisable asset auditing and inspection application that allows your team to efficiently implement, manage, and schedule the inspection process in a secure cloud-based environment.

Create Scheduled Inspection

Create dynamic inspection schedules with defined objectives and scope, and allocate auditors based on skills/availability with the scheduler. Never miss an inspection as C-AUDIT sends automated notifications if a new checklist is assigned or completed.

Use Any Template

Model whatever you need to inspect using built-in or new templates. Easily build components and add inspection objects to whatever you need to capture onsite. You can also record findings, detailed observations, and recommendations as well as attach supporting evidence with the ability to audit offline.

Create Audit Scheduler

C-AUDIT is designed with ease in mind. It only takes a few clicks to create audit schedules. It will make your life simple, improve productivity, and optimise opportunities that accelerate business performance.

Share Schedule Inspections

Share new or customised inspection templates instantaneously. There’s no need for versioning or reprint. This helps keep your whole team on top of things. You can also schedule and assign recurring inspections, and see instantly what has been missed over a selected duration.

Automate Workflows

Streamline your workflows by automatically sending reports when an inspection is over. C-AUDIT automatically triggers an action or work order once a specific inspection response is chosen. You can also integrate our inspection platform with Google Docs or Google Sheets for automatic data entry for every inspection or audit completed.