Flag issues & achieve peace of mind with thorough inspections


With C-AUDIT, you can run comprehensive inspections and convert issues into corrective actions anytime. Issues don’t appear only when an inspection is being conducted. You can always add context to actions by uploading images and notes so everyone can understand the problem. Mark how serious a problem is, specify a due date, and solve your problems quickly.

Template Based Inspections

Inspections are the processes you and your team use to capture data and populate reports. This could be filling in a form, performing an audit, or going through a checklist to ensure you’ve covered everything. No matter the scenario, all inspections begin from templates.

Already Created Templates

With C-AUDIT, you can edit the existing templates based on your inspection requirements and specify the status as Draft or Completed.


You can generate and check inspection reports, as well as run audit report analysis in a matter of minutes. C-AUDIT allows you to export audit reports in PDF format.

Mobile App & Web-based Inspections

Whatever changes you make to inspections on the web app are saved as you go. However, changes made to inspections on the C-AUDIT mobile app are only saved and synced when your device is connected to the internet.

Offline Inspections

If your device is offline or doesn't have an internet connection, any inspection progress will be stored on the device, until the device is online or has an internet connection again to be synced.

Compliance Information

C-AUDIT stores your inspections, issue, and action information securely in one safe platform. So all your compliance information is available at your fingertips.

Efficient Workflows

Build more efficient and collaborative workflows with C-AUDIT to streamline your inspection processes for everybody involved.

Inspection Data Analysis

Automatically structured and archived inspection data allows trending analysis and integration into your surrounding process management tools.