Customise the asset auditing software just the way you want


Getting the right data in your team’s hands at the right time is crucial. C-AUDIT offers plenty of features and setting options to make asset auditing, inspection, and reporting a hassle-free process. You can add and manage departments, teams,shifts, and even actions across the organisation.

Add Department

You can use an already existing department or create a new one with our admin user-management panel.

Add Team

Use an already existing team or add a new one to C-AUDIT. It empowers you to collaborate with your team 24/7 from anywhere your job takes you.

Add Shift

With C-AUDIT, you can also use existing shifts or add new shifts. You can either upload a CSV list or share an invite link for bulk user upload.

Manage Department, Team, Shift, and Actions

Apart from adding a new department, team, or shift, you can also manage them from a consolidated platform. C-AUDIT also enables you to create, edit, and manage actions.

One-Click User Addition

You can add as many users as you want right from the platform. There’s no need to make calls or have conversations. You can also create groups of people and set permissions and sharing for the whole group. This makes configuration fast and effortless.

White Labelled Reports

Transform completed inspections into comprehensive reports that you can customise. Add your company logo, a table of contents, and more. You and your team will love how easy it is to send completed reports from any device.

Granular Reporting

With C-AUDIT, you can email inspection reports instantly to the right people. Fields and responses can be hidden so you only see what matters the most anytime an audit report is generated.

Consolidated, Secure Reporting

Tired of overfilled cabinets or a disorganised audit trial? With the C-AUDIT inspection tool, reports are instantaneously saved and secured in your account for you to access, whenever you need them.


Analytics become more meaningful and easier to share with stakeholders as C-AUDIT allows you to change the visualisations to suit your needs. Charts can be customised to show in the following styles: Pie chart, Bar chart, Column chart, and Stacked column chart.