What C-AUDIT can do for you and your team

User-friendly Checklist

Collect reliable data, standardise operations, send reports, detect failed areas, and get issues solved with our user-friendly checklist solution.

Checklist Templates

Digitise your current checklists, create your own using our user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, or choose from thousands of pre-built templates in the C-AUDIT library.

Audit Assets on the Go

Your team can easily conduct inspections and audits on the move. Whether you're offline or online, C-AUDIT records your inspection results while you are in the field.

Real-Time Reporting

Instantly create a report after an inspection is over. Share it with your team, supervisors, clients, or customers with a single click.

Corrective Actions

Create a corrective action immediately if your team detects a problem. Set the deadline and priority level, then assign them to the concerned person, even if they don't have a C-AUDIT account.

Robust Analytics

C-AUDIT takes the pain out of conducting audits via automatic syncing between mobile devices and desktop platforms. It provides real-time analytics dashboards, giving visibility into your efficiency, compliance, precision, and more.

Improve Asset Uptime

With C-AUDIT, inspectors can make fast, real-time decisions to get assets back up and running. Instant communication empowers you to troubleshoot issues on the spot.

Go Paperless

You can bring existing processes in the format of a Word, Excel, or PDF form into C-AUDIT for paperless inspections. Use our “upload and convert form” feature to convert your digital forms into C-AUDIT templates with ease.

Why Choose C-AUDIT?

With so many asset auditing tools out there, why do customers choose ours?

Automated asset auditing

Our asset auditing platform offers comprehensive data capture and asset tracking. It automates audit events and utilises a process audit management approach, allowing you to conduct inspections, flag problems, and resolve issues as a team.

With C-AUDIT, quality managers can easily conduct inspections, manage defect rectifications, and capture data with mobile devices.

Easy to use – anytime, anywhere, any device

Our mobile and web app can be accessed from any location, with any device. All you(and your employees) need is an internet connection – be it on a mobile, laptop, or desktop – and you’ll be able to log in.

C-AUDIT is highly flexible, allowing you to integrate the software with your existing tools so that there’s no disruption. You can export results to any other tool for further analysis.

Empower workers in the field

Our inspection tool can empower your workers in the field. You can use it as an inspector software that provides visibility and insights to help increase safety and quality standards across an organisation.

As a reliable inspection management software, C-AUDIT enables your team to collect consistent data, standardise operations, share audit reports, detect failed areas, and quickly resolve issues with an easy-to-use checklist app.

Drive Continuous Improvement

C-AUDIT makes it easy to deliver quality every time. It helps you substantially reduce defect rectification and handover costs. As a result, you can build enduring relationships with your clients.

It promotes the far more effective utilisation of resources and facilitates the efficient management of assets. C-AUDIT allows stored files and documents, like photos, emails, and procurement orders, etc., to be associated with records.

Seamless auditing and inspections

C-AUDIT takes the pain out of carrying out audits and inspections by automating parts of the process and following a proven methodology. You can improve the precision and speed of an audit, reducing the influence on your day-to-day operations.

It enables effective auditing and inspections for well-informed decision-making. C-AUDIT brings instant savings, both in the time spent and the cost associated with the auditing process, making more recurrent audits a feasible proposition.

Exceptional reporting and analytics

C-AUDIT instantly generates a report after an inspection is over. You can share it with your team, managers, clients, or customers with a single click.

By supporting automatic syncing between mobile devices and the desktop platform, C-AUDIT offers a real-time analytics dashboard that gives visibility into your productivity, compliance, accuracy, and more.

Introducing Our ContinuSys IBMSEcosystem

The ContinuSys Integrated Business Management System (IBMS) is a collection of integrated web and mobile apps that store all data in a single database that’s readily accessible in a virtual server securely hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

ContinuSys ensures business continuity by empowering companies to operate effortlessly and efficiently. We aim to minimise disruption by providing a valuable solution that helps maintain normal business operations, speed up disaster recovery, and reduce both short- and long-term risk.

Our integrated apps are designed to cater to 10 fundamental business processes, all of which must work together to establish a strong value chain:

By managing these processes in a holistic environment, ContinuSys brings together People, Assets, Finance, and Time, all of which work together to produce Information that, in turn, requires Governance – or PAFTCIG.

How does C-AUDIT fit into our ContinuSys Ecosystem?

C-AUDIT is a cloud-based asset auditing platform that is easily integrated with other ContinuSys applications. It caters to the ‘Governance’ aspect of our PAFTCIG group,serving five key parts of a business, including Value Creation, Marketing, Sales, Value Delivery, and Finance.

Out of the 10 core business processes facilitated by ContinuSys IBMS, C-AUDIT streamlines the following nine processes:

C-AUDIT integrates seamlessly with all the other ContinuSys apps, so that you can manage interdependent functions of the enterprise. It provides you with robust asset auditing and inspection so that you can perform corrective actions on time.

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