Simplify the inspection process with a user-friendly dashboard


C-AUDIT automates and streamlines the inspection process for businesses of all sizes. It is designed to take the asset auditing process to the next level. Transform the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of the asset audit. Our user-friendly dashboard eliminates the administrative work and time delays associated with manual inspections by digitalising the entire auditing process.


Using a web-based interface and mobile app, your inspection teams will be able to manage the entire process from project setup to reporting, resulting in the ability to focus on inspection results more quickly and conveniently than ever before.

Activity Timeline

Create a corrective action immediately if your team detects a problem. Our easy-to-use dashboard allows you to set the due date and priority level, then assign them to the team member who should address the issue. Also, keep tabs on who is doing what – all thanks to our comprehensive activity timeline.

Inspection Scheduling

With the C-AUDIT dashboard, you can also assign scheduled inspections (for the next 7 days), as well as edit upcoming scheduled inspections.

Form Conversion

You can easily convert your existing PDF, Excel, or Word inspection form into a C-AUDIT template. Use our pre-built templates and customise them to suit your needs. Everything is drag-and-drop, no coding needed at all.

Real-Time Visibility

C-AUDIT gives you real-time visibility so that your team can share the warning signs via our chat-like interface. This way, you can solve issues before they get out of hand.

Automatic Notifications

Stay in the loop regarding what’s happening in the field, along with evidence and automatic notifications to the relevant stakeholders. C-AUDIT helps guide your team to resolution. It also empowers your team to take action quickly with real-time mobile notifications, email, and/or SMS alerts.